Advanced Nutrigenomics grants licensing rights to Smart EpigenetX (01/05/2017)

Beginning 01/04/2017, Advanced Nutrigenomics and Smart EpigenetX have signed a licensing agreement for the European market, for commercializing several products, including the nutrigenetic test Advanced NGx. More information can be found on the website of our partner at

Advanced NGx launched for the Romanian market (11/01/2016)

We are pleased to confirm that our nutrigenetic test Advanced NGx has been launched for the Romanian market.

Dr. Martin Kohlmeier in the news (07/18/2015)

Interesting article about Dr. Kohlmeier’s involvement in nutrigenomics. Please read here.


Dr. Martin Kohlmeier joins our Science Advisory Board (07/10/2014)

We are pleased to anounce that Dr. Martin Kohlmeier has joined our Science Advisory Board. Dr. Kohlmeier is an internationally recognized expert in nutrigenomics (read more here). His expertise is essential to our company’s commitment to developing nutrigenomic products and services.